3 avr. 2020

What does anal sex feel like with a large penis?

"The feeling is like you are being transported to a different world where only pleasure exists. The pleasure that different cocks have given to my butthole cannot be described by simply words. To know what it is like, you have to experience it for yourself. Once you have been fucked in the ass, you will crave for it and each time you see an erect cock you will just want to have it inside you. For that reason, I have hooked up with many married and eager man in the showers and locker rooms of my club, as well as in public toilets of shopping malls, train stations, parks etc. 
My favourite size for pleasure would be anything less than 8inches in length and not too thick. Anything larger than that may be uncomfortable or even painful."

How does it feel when another man puts his penis in your butt? 
I can feel amazing if done properly. One’s anal cavity must be clean and you should be freshly showered. The anus has to be well lubricated and time taken to stretch it so penetration will be smooth and easy. This portion of the experience is foreplay. When you lay face down on the bed, your partner will massage your cheeks, spread them wide and finger your hole. He may also lick and tongue your anus, sticking one, two and then three fingers inside of you to stretch you out. 

Once penetrated, your ass will feel incredible. The area is very sensitive and being fucked by a nice hard dick gives great pleasure. The action should be slow and easy; nothing fast or hard but smooth and slow. 
Avoid too deep penetrations beyond the elbow of the colon.

It’s nice to take a break in the action and make out with your partner a bit. Exchange oral, caress one another, then get back into the position and go at it again. When someone cums in your ass, you feel like cumming too and in fact, you may very well.

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  1. I see that you shared this from your own perspective, Ulysse. And I think everyone will agree with you about foreplay. It's the most important part in relaxing the muscles, so the bottom actually wants the D inside.

    And to answer the question from your post title... I bet it hurts. Average size is the best IMHO. Not too big, but not too small. Just enough. And as you know, it's not about sizes after all but LOVE between the two.

  2. I agree with Hot guys.
    I don't like too big dicks.
    For the prostate orgasm, it's such amazing when you have the good partner and that this one knows how to give you that pleasure.

    i love to make some guys discover it because in of my past sexual encounters, many don't know it and they were enjoying that I did it to them with my finger.

    Be safe with this pandemic and «Ça va bien aller!»

  3. I'm agree with you .
    Thank to follow HORNYBOYS, my friends !