25 oct. 2020

Hard Fucking

Lewis Hamilton plus fort que Michael Schumacher !

En s'imposant au Portugal ce dimanche, le Britannique de 35 ans détient désormais seul le record du nombre de victoires en Grand Prix de F1. Une performance monumentale


Elliot Finn & Justin Matthews / Comment Justin glisse dans le cul poilu d'Elliot


I really like these hanging balls

Là deux vidéos avec le mec qui a les best low balls du net, Antonio Biaggi
Part 1 to 3
video HD


Lucaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh ! _ #webcamboy

i like that he does not shave the hair off

The delights of feeling a cock pulsing in my ass

Ce matin mon crush m'encule en mode Doggy, j'ai serré les cuisses, et c'est la première fois que je ressent comme ça sa bite s'agiter dans mon cul quand il se vide dans mon anus. c'était grandiose !


What does it feel like when a man ejaculates in your rectum? 

- It feels wonderful! I’m a bisexual guy and over the last 10 years as an exclusive bottom I’ve been fucked around 40 times……I always felt it when a guy came in my ass, I could feel it before it happened, his dick would get super hard and even bigger, and I always could feel a guy shooting his load up my rectum. I don’t know if it makes any difference but 98% of the time when it happened and I felt it, the guy was fucking me from behind. I always preferred doggy style because I loved the feeling of strong hands gripping my buns! His semen would feel very warm, and then there was this delicious wetness in there. I’m afraid only a couple guys wore condoms, because I don’t like ‘em, didn’t bring it up, etc. You can’t feel a guy cumming up there with a condom! Every single time I’ve been fucked, I had an orgasm, always either before him or with him. I’d orgasm when he did because of that, the feeling of a guy having an orgasm inside me. It’s partly psychological I suppose, I don’t know, I’m making him very happy, and just the sensation of it plus whatever sounds he’s making or things he’s saying, the intense thrusts, his hands on me…..yep, a guy coming would make me come! And yeah sometimes semen would ooze out, sometimes not…..that was never a big deal to me. Just wipe yourself, so what. 
 - By far the most pleasurable thing I could feel. Anal sex is almost like a must in a session with a FWB or a boyfriend. The moment when he finishes in my rectum, it feels like a bliss, almost out of this world. It feels very nice and warm and, I am able to cum within seconds. 
 - I cannot feel when a guy ejaculates in my ass. However, usually I can sense from the way he moves and how he is moaning that he is cuming or about to cum. Some guys shout very loud when they ejaculate. Most guys also slow down and let their penis go deeper when they pump their cum up in me. Sometimes if I am fucked bareback I can feel the cum leaking out of my ass while he is still fucking me. I love that feeling.