25 avr. 2019


L'Amour comme à la maison

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My neighbor and I at age 13 began we started talking about sex, then began to masturbate each other as few weeks later. I was very curious about giving oral sex to another guy. I often heard stories in the locker room from older guys about some guys giving other boys oral sex. Curiously got the best of me and I told my friend I wanted to do him. It took some begging on my part but he eventually gave in to me on one condition. He wasn't going to return the favor, which I didnt really care if he did. I just wanted to try it so bad. I really enjoyed having his hard throbbing cock in my mouth and being 13 it didnt take him very long to cum. I didnt realize he was ready to cum and he shoot a huge load in my mouth. He apologized for doing that but honestly most of his cum went straight down my throat. 
The next day he asked me if I wanted to blow him again, I was surprised especially after all the begging I did the day before. I had no problem in granting his request and went down on him again and began to blow him every day after that. About a month went by and one day he told me he wanted to try blowing me. We both really loved blowing one another and one day I suggested laying on our sides in opposite directions and blowing one another at the same time. It was a wonderful feeling and it was so hot watching each other enjoying our clocks in each others mouths. 
We continued our play time for the next 5 years. We even experimented anal sex which I loved but he didnt so I just kept him fuck me whenever we had the chance. 
He eventually moved out of state to go to college. I got married and had kids, got divorced after 22 years. Once single again thoughts of our youthful play days began to become a daily routine. I wasnt ready to start dating women again and I didnt have too much success with one night stands, so with the help of my computer i began to find men looking for man on action. I met all types of men, some married just looking for blow jobs, bi guys and gay guys. 
As time went on i missed sex with women so i began dating again, had some long term relationships with women. I still also would hook up with men too. 
I'm a true bisexual man and truly enjoy my life style so maybe some men would become gay if the experimented like i did, but it's amazing at the number of straight men that really enjoy a cock sucker like myself. 
Also I've found that a lot of men are just like me and enjoy both sexes.

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