2 sept. 2017

Aggressive Oral Sex Techniques (Face Fucking/Throat Fucking) / The Best Throat Swab Sex Position I Have Seen

Throat swab blowjob 
A throat swab blowjob is a special type of deepthroating blow job: 
You lies flat on your back on a bed. 
You bend your head back over the edge of the bed. 
You open your mouth. 
He moves his penis in and out of her mouth. Depending on how deep he penetrates her mouth, he might enter your throat. 
The throat swab blowjob is often delivered as a handsfree blowjob and is very close to a facefuck. Unlike the regulardeep throat blowjob she is not in control of things when going for a throat swab blowjob. It is highly recommended to get some kind of routine between the two partners on the regular version first before heading for this specific 
type of oral sex.

“Open wide!” The Throat Swab puts her at the ultimate angle for deepthroat. She lies back on a couch or bed, tilting their head over the edge, while he penetrates their mouth from a kneeling, squatting, or standing position. Experiment carefully with the speed and forcefulness of any thrusting to keep it comfortable, and since the performing partner needs air to stay alive, pause frequently to give time to breathe.

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