29 avr. 2017


I sometimes have sex with my dog. 

"I have just recently been introduced to beastility. 
I fisrt met a guy while sucking on him his dog started licking my ass. IT WAS AWESOME! I still sucked the guy while the dog mounter me. The dog was still fucking me when I got a load of cum down my throat. I'm now into Beastility. I see this guy bi weekly . I blow him and I get fucked hard by his dog. I'm now a its Bitch. I FUCKIN LOVE IT"

I sometimes have sex with my dog. 
Idk what it is about him but i just love having him jump up on my back and shove his huge dog dick up my tight hole. 
The first time was an accident, i was jacking off when he came into my room and hopped up on my bed and licked my ass. Since it felt good i decided to give him a better angle so i got on my hands and knees without thinking. After a few min of licking he hops up on me and starts poking around. He is a great dane 180 lbs so there was no way i was getting him off of me. He started poking around and jabbing around my ass so i had to lift my butt in the air to give him a better angle and he rammed it it deep and hard. He kept pumping and was getting really big. At the time i did not know about the knot witch is a part of the dogs penis at the base of the shaft that grows to the size of a baseball or bigger once it is in the receiver, its used to "tie" the 2 dogs together while the male dog shoots is sperm over about a 20 min period. Well he got that in me and then i ended being stuck to him for 20min while he came in my ass. Since his knot was so big it pressed on my prostate and I ended up cumming without even jacking off. Once his dick shrank he slid out of me and a wave a cum came out of my ass and all over my bed. 
After that I have since had sex with that dog at least 20 more times and have had sex with other dogs too.

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