16 avr. 2017

Amateur self suck : C position for deeper!

The C position is probably the the first position most men who try self-sucking end up using because it's the most obvious; you're sitting or standing there, playing with your cock and you think "I wonder if I could suck it?". 

So what do you do? You bend over to see how close you can get, and you're in the C position. If you're just starting out and you do this and your cock goes into your mouth the first time you try then - congratulations! - you're a lucky man (though you might want to read my "Health warnings for the extra-flexible"). For most men this is the moment of decision; it's either "damn, there's no way I'm ever going to be able to do that" and you go back to jerking off or trying to find somebody else to suck it for you, or you decide that it's worth putting some time and effort into figuring out how to get your best friend (your cock) into your mouth.

ICI, un amateur exhibitioniste sur CHATURBATE il a une superbe keu qu'il englouti presque entièrement, miammiam...

I want to learn how to self suck. I think that it is incredibly fucking hot to be able to suck you own dick and then swallow that huge load.

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