11 déc. 2017



J'AI TROP FAIM DE BITES #blowjob #swallow

I love sucking dick. I love the feeling of a dick at the back of my throat and I love opening his pants for the first time, not sure what’s going to pop out. I love it when he kicks all the way back, manspreads, and I get to be on my knees worshiping his cock. I want him to caress my hair, stroke my face, toy with my ears and maybe gently guide me along. The best, though, is when I glance up at him and see that he is in such a state of ecstasy — eyes rolled back into his head, mouth slightly open. Look at what I can do to you.


10 déc. 2017

How do we lick the gay arse hole ? #riming

Why do a lot of gay men suck/lick arse before sex? 
Getting rimmed feels soooooooo good, and my bud absolutely loves to do it! He does it so well, we can make me cum. It's also a perfect way to get my ass wet, open and ready for fucking.

En pratique, ton pote présente ses fesses (à quatre pattes ou sur le dos les jambes repliées sur lui) ou il s'assoie sur toi, c'est plus hard. Tu commences par de larges lèches de la zone du périnée, ta langue est bien "à plat", puis tu titilles le trou avec ta langue "en pointe", ne pas entrer plus de 1 cm dedans...et là, le gars il sait plus ou il habite.....


what pleasure to swallow men'cream #blowjob

Human ejaculate goes by many names such as cum, semen, sperm, jizz, mansauce, splooge, dick spit, penile juice, and on and on… They all refer to the same life giving fluid. This fluid, that I’ll simply refer to as semen for this post, has benefits beyond just reproduction.

"I love masturbating and cumming anywhere where I then lap up my juices with my tongue and savior the taste before swallowing. There’s nothing like the lead up to an intense eruption of your manly fluids especially when you start moaning while pleasuring your cock and that feeling starts welling up inside you knowing what pleasure it’s going to bring you!!!!!I I belong to a men’s club and had been lucky enough to meet one of the better looking members on a semi regular basis. He’s got a 8” hooded cock, I love getting him hard where only part of his hooded glans is covered. I slowly envelope the head of his cock with my lips, slowly pushing the foreskin down to expose his gorgeous head . I keep repeating this , each time taking more of his cock in my mouth till it reaches the roof of the back my throat. He tries to trust back and forth but I firmly grasp his ass cheeks so I control the tempo. The slower I tease his cock with my tongue, purposely enveloping his cock in my mouth as he tries to break loose and fuck me orally. Usually by remaining firmly in control of his cock I can make him produce some extraordinary release of pre cum followed by convulsing cum shots. Some of which on the first couple of shots go straight down my throat if I happen to be down on the base when he let’s loose. The amount of cum he produces at times is amazing to the point it’s running down his cock and balls because it’s simply too much for me to maintain in my mouth because the wants to throat fuck me. It’s just a fantastic experience which I’m going to try role reversal. on him so he wants to become a recipient of my juices as well."

“Semen is a complex mixture of different compounds, and sperm actually only makes up a small amount of it. When you remove the sperm, what’s left is seminal plasma, a fluid that contains an array of ingredients, some of which can pass through the vagina and be detected in the bloodstream after sex. Three compounds of interest in seminal plasma are estrogen, prostaglandins and oxytocin. Estrogen and prostaglandins have been linked to lower levels of depression, while oxytocin (which women release during birth, breastfeeding and orgasm) promotes social bonding. These and other compounds in semen could function to keep women coming back for more. “I think there’s reason to believe based on some of the evidence we’ve collected that females that are in committed relationships that are having unprotected sex may use sex in part to self-medicate,” Gallup says. “It’s discovered after the fact that being inseminated has effects on mood, and they use sex to modulate their mood.”

There’s also evidence, he says, that women may actually go through semen withdrawal? HA! In an unpublished study he conducted a few years ago, women in committed relationships who were having unprotected sex and were exposed to semen were “far more devastated and adversely affected [after a breakup] than those that were using condoms.” After reading this I am starting to wonder if my seed is why Hunter is always in a great mood after we have sex. Leave a comment here and tell us your sticky story! 


9 déc. 2017


What does it feel like to have a cock in your ass?

I'm curious, have never had a cock in my ass. I don't want a rough ass fucking, but would love an easy cock up my ass while the guy jerks my cock off. 

- ErosUrge is exactly right If some one rush's it it can be painful. You do have to be prepared. I usually use a good sized butt plug on myself to loosen up. Your ass is nothing like a pussy. Well except that it is a whole. Before I had my first anal experience I had used toys to get stretched out many times. It does feel good if the angle is right, you get your prostate massaged , which really adds to the experience. 
 - With a good sized cock, it feels great. If it's a thick cock, it might hurt a little, but will feel amazing. 
 - I love having a man push his cock into my asshole!The greatest feeling when he begins to shoot his sperm into me! Never hurt and is such a pleasure! 

 - Yes, that was the first time having someone's dick in my butt. It still gives me a hard one just thinking about it. The next step is for him to cum in my butt, I wasn't ready for that at that point. You nailed with the whole psycholocial aspect of it, that's more intense like I said then the physical part. But that is also what made it such a good time all the way around, played on the phycial and mental part of sex. 
 - Was that the first time you took it in the ass? 
 You've pretty much summed up my feelings about taking it in the ass. That's not really my thing (I'm more a cocksucker), but if a guy is really hot, I'll give up my ass to him. 
Yes, it kinda hurts at first until you learn to relax your ass muscles and open things up and then it feels kinda good. But the most intense feeling of pleasure is psychological. 
The knowledge that this really hot guy has his dick inside you feels good. The sound of him smacking up against your ass is indeed mesmerizing. 
And the knowledge that he is using your ass for his sexual pleasure and satisfaction is enormously rewarding.