16 août 2017

My favorite position for a deep_throat



« Je me mets derrière lui, mais c’est lui qui m’invite à l’enculer, en écartant à deux mains ses fesses, pour me laisser voir son trou prêt à subir ma vengeance. Je me mets en place et commence par lécher son petit trou , qui a tout de suite une réaction et qui essaye de s’esquiver.. j’introduis un doigt, puis deux et commence un va-et-vient, pour agrandir son petit trou.. Mes doigts se retirent et laissent la place à ma bite, et la sodomie commence. 
Je pousse le gland qui passe lentement. Puis c’est le sexe en entier qui coulisse, dans son cul. La vision que j’ai est hallucinante. Je regarde ma bite gonflée à bloc entrer et sortir … on gémit, on se dit des obscénités, j’accélère la cadence et on jouit, presque ensemble ».

14 août 2017



Rear-Entry Positions 
Doggie Style Probably the most commonly thought of anal sex position is "doggie style", where the receiving partner kneels on all fours and the inserting partner approaches from the rear. Though this is the most common anal position, it's not necessarily the most comfortable or the best beginner position, as the position of the receiving partner tends to tighten up their anus


Amazing intercourse experience





6 août 2017

What does it feel like when someone cums in your bare ass?

My ex was a HUGE cummer, that could often times shoot clear across a room. I felt him cum in me on only a handful of occasions, like actually felt the physical cum shooting in. Also I did (more frequently, but not always) feel the throbbing of his dick from cumming, both of these largely depended upon what position we were in. 
So, I guess I'm a bit of an anomaly here, I've felt someone cumming in my ass, and holy shit it's mind blowingly fucking amazing. God dammit, I miss that sex. Now that I'm all riled up, I'll be back in a bit. I um, I, heard the dryer buzz.... Yeah, that's it.


My brother cums on me while I sleeping

Wanna lick that up