18 déc. 2016

Are You Selfsuck addickted ? Look That !

Here SCOTT O'HARA the best selfsucker man

I try it at night :
- you are more flexible at night than during the day. Try the reverse sommersault position, where you lie on your back, feet behind your head, and use a wall behind you to push off of with your feet to give you more leverage. Also use some pillows under your head to bring your head closer to your cock.

Two positions to try: 
 1. Roll over on your shoulders/neck and bring your legs up over your head and brace your feet against the wall with your cock dangling right over your face. Do this a lot as it seems to be the best position, but you may need to take time as your back needs to loosen up enough for you to make contact. You may need to grab your cock and pull it down toward your mouth. I find this is easier to do when soft rather than hard, due to the angle of your erection. I can usually wrap my lips around the head and sometimes get the head between my teeth. 

 2. Sit on the edge of a chair, naked, and take your arms and put them under your thighs and lock them together, pulling your face down toward your crotch. Again, your back and neck muscles will get a good stretch, but it will take time unless you're naturally flexible. If you can do this with an erection, you will see your cock head just inches from your face. Stick your tongue out and try to lick it. When I do this, I can sometimes lick it and sometimes I can wrap my lips around the head. This position is more difficult for me than the first one. Be prepared to have a sore back and neck when you first try this. If you have access to a hot tub/jacuzzi, I recommend soaking in hot water to relax the muscles beforehand, and afterward too to sooth your muscles. If you don't have access to one, the bathtub or a hot shower will do. Your body usually doesn't bend this way so in the beginning you will be sore, but eventually you'll get used to it. Just don't overdo it because there is a chance to injure yourself.

The famous selfsucker : Scoot O' HARA : 
Scott O'hara was an adorable and delicious and possessed and extraordinary cock and escepional talent. Heavenly. his impressive 11-inch extra large cock captivated fans - along with his ability to suck himself off. 

The Best Self-Suckers by order of skill:
 1. Scott O'hara
2. Chad Donovan (Position Imposible)
3. Brian Shawn (redhead from "Stop in the Name of sex" & "Position Impossible 2")
4. Frank Sterling(a.k.a Dixon Hardy)
5. Grant Fagen
6. Jason Miller (from "Pleasure Principle")
7. Darryl Harris (from "Black Attack")
8. Dennis Lincoln (from Pitch Black, Freaks, Forever Hold your piece)
9. Paul Adams (Tall Tale)
10. Alex Carrington (in many of his movies)
11. Mike Nichols
12. Todd Stevens
13. Dave Sommers (from "Sailor in the Wild")
14. Zachary Scott
15. Nick Riley (11 hung Falcon Stud)
16. JJ. Prince
17. KC Hart
18. Ted Lowe
19. Michael Vincent
20. Steve Boyd

 Self Suck movies below...
Head over heels 1 & 2,
Position Impossible 1 & 2
Holding their own
Auto Fellatio 1, 2 & 3
Autofellatio: Biographies
Solitaire 1: Auto-Fellatio

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