24 sept. 2016

Why do some gays love to swallow sperm?

I think it is more about wanting to be in total intimacy with someone you love. It's about sharing the "essence" of someone you love. Sex is about coming together, becoming one in an intensely pleasurable encounter. It's about "communion", merging, sharing... For me, it is an act of love. 

 - It's my favorite way to make a guy cum. I love feeling his dick spasm in my mouth and then that first big spurt of warm wonderful cum is fantastic. I keep his dick in my mouth full of cum, swirl it around and tongue his dick head, then swallow it all. Mmmmmm 
- Hmmm. The first time I had a guy cum in my mouth, I was so into what I was doing I didn't even think about backing off. It was pretty cool, actually. The first hot squirt hit the back of my throat, mainly because he rammed his cock at me when he shot! Didn't gag and didn't think of not swallowing. It was warm, silky, smooth and tasted sweet. Like Maxracer says, the feeling of a hard dick spasming against the tongue was fantastic.

COMMENT : I don't see much point in sucking cock if you're not going to swallow. Most of the time the guy ejaculates at the back of my mouth, so I don't taste it. It just goes down the throat. One time the guy came on my tongue and the snot like consistency made me gag. Because of that I've always wondered if I could have a guy jack off into my mouth, dumping his whole load on my tongue, and then swallow it. One of these days maybe I'll find out.

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