22 sept. 2016

Whats the longest anal sex experience you had with a big dick?

- I had an experience one time with a guy that was really thick. About 8x6. great cock and a great power fuck. But the first time we fucked, was crazy, he fucked my ass for about an hour and forty minutes. My ass was so open and numb for the last hour of sex. We used a half of bottle of lube. I couldn't walk straight for a week maybe less. Has anyone ever experienced this? What did you do? How did you get to feeling better over the days?
 mmmmmmmmmm, it was with Gio.
 11" of beautiful black cock. We spent an entire weekend together in a mountain cabin. After arriving, starting a fire, having dinner and a bottle of wine, he took me right in front of the fireplace - about twenty minutes of cuddling and foreplay before he sank every inch of himself into me. He did not remove it for more than 8 hours.
 We fucked, played, kissed, rested, napped, fucked some more and some more and some more before falling asleep (still inside me). We awoke again in the early morning hours and fucked for another hour before he exploded inside me.
 We did it all over again the next night.
 OMG such memories. Excuse me, I need to tend to something now. :blush:

- I was still in college in Los Angeles. Met this guy online who went to UCLA, went up there to his dorm. He fucked me in his office first (he worked at one of the pools on campus), then took me to his dorm where he fucked me with his fat Jewish cock for literally 2 hours

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