25 sept. 2016

A load or nothing / Une dose sinon rien

« J'ai 22 ans je cherche un mec pour plan cet aprem, beau gosse un minimum sinon c'est mort .... Offre mon jus ( grosse dose hyper protéinée) a qui peut me recevoir. » 

“According to parameters developed by the World Health Organization, the average volume of ejaculate for men is 3.7 ml, or roughly three-quarters of a teaspoonful”. 

En fait mon pote éjacule à peu près 5 ml par dose (seulement 6 ou 7 tirs mais bien épais, soit une cueillère à soupe au raz), du coup j’avale en moyenne 20 ml de jus protéiné chaque semaine. Ca c’est bon pour la santé !!!
Durant ta vie de mâle, tu produiras  entre 100 et 120 litres de jus, c'est impressionnant. Il y a là un vrai marché....
Ca donne l'idée de "FARMBOYS", de centre de distribution de sperme, genre batterie de GLORYHOLE, ou de centres "d'alaitement"  via les PENISPUMP...

How much semen is produced by a man in his life ? 
The average man produces 1.5-5 ccs (one quarter to a full teaspoon-full) of semen at ejaculation. Usually, the amount is less than a teaspoon, but it can be larger is a man hasn’t ejaculated in awhile. “Seminal volume: Human males produce approximately 0.4 ml of seminal plasma each day of abstinance. The average ejaculate measured in 1300 volunteers is 3.2 +/- 1.4 ml as reported by Dr. Aquiles Sombrero in The Journal of Fertility and Sterility. Maximal volumes of 10-11 ml have been recorded. As abstinance continues, seminal volume will be resorbed by the male reproductive tract. This insures that the semen is of good quality at ejaculation. There is really no definitive way to answer the question of how much semen can be ejaculated in a lifetime. An average ejaculation is about 10c.c.'s or the equivalent of a spoonful. 
 Say a man ejaculates once a day between the ages of 14 and 65. So he's ejaculating regularly, each day for 51 years. 51 years is approximatly 13503 days (counting/factoring in those leap years), so that's 13503 x 10c.c.'s of semen! That's enough to drown someone in it! 
 In my case, I ejaculate a bit more than this (about 1/2 to 3/4 a shot glass... and yes, I DID measure this!), but less often than once a day. When I was 14 up to about 20 or so, I would masturbate about twice to three times daily (for real), and these days, I masturbate anywhere between 3 to 5 times a week, not counting the sex I have with my wife. Assuming a man produces 1 teaspoon per ejaculation, multiply it by 360 days, by 61 years old, you would have produced 24 gallons of sperms. Based on one ejaculation per day and it would be more if you do it more than once a day”.

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