20 août 2016

I love the dirty Nick Jonas

I love the dirty Dick Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas says he isn’t a gay cock tease 
By Greg Hernandez on Apr 29, 2016 
James Franco may have recently described himself as a ‘gay cock tease’ but Nick Jonas does not think such a label applies to him. 
‘I’ve been pretty clear with my heart and my nature of just wanting to be as supportive of my gay fans as they’ve been of me,’ Jonas tells Queerty. 
‘So there’s definitely not any cock teasing going on. (Laughs) If anything I hope I can be a real ally for the LGBT community and I’m thrilled to be in a spot where I feel like there’s a lot of mutual love and respect.’ 
Jonas has his second solo album Last Year Was Complicated just out and does not rule out a return to gay clubs to promote it which he did for his first solo effort. 
‘I think it’s a unique environment to be in – and it’s a fun place and they play great music, (laughs) and as long as you’re willing to go in and have fun, I think it’s all good,’ Jonas tells PrideSource is separate interview. Jonas is not only a gay-friendly performer, he also plays gay characters on the TV shows Kingdomand Scream Queens. This has done nothing to quiet speculation that he himself is actually gay. 

‘I think people are gonna make their assumptions regardless, you know?’ he tells PrideSource. ‘And I’m a heterosexual male who’s playing two gay actors on TV shows and really doing my best to be the most accepting and loving person I can be because I think that’s the way we all should be. ‘So, if people have opinions or thoughts on my sexuality, that’s on them. 
I know who I am and I’m comfortable with who I am.’

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