23 juil. 2016

What is it like to have a large penis?

What is it like to have a large penis? 
Sure there is a bit of novelty to it. I'm big enough that I could gamble with most guys that mine is bigger than theirs an win but honestly other than being able to say "I have a big penis" there aren't really any benefits that I've noticed. Here are some drawbacks 
• Underwear like briefs or boxer briefs are less comfortable because it is big and takes up a lot of space in them which makes them tighter that normal. 
• Going without underwear or wearing boxers is worse because it is big enough while soft that it is always getting bound up in my clothing and causing discomfort not to mention the noticeable bulge. 
• Erections are terribly hard to keep from being noticeable. 
• Wearing running tights or cycling shorts or swim briefs or similar things is just obscene due to the bulge. 
• It takes a lot of preparation and extra lube to get someone ready for it 
• A lot of people don't want it inside them. (a female friend once told me it made her vagina hurt just thinking about it) 
• Some people are unable to take it all inside of them. 
• Almost anyone I stick it in is going to feel very tight which makes it difficult to last very long. 
• A lot of other men are jealous and/or envious of it 
• No one that doesn't also have a big penis seems to understand how much it sucks 
• Having to hear everyone that knows it is big saying I should go into porn 
• The skanks that find out you have a big one and want sex from you 
• The guys that tell you that they'd not even try to hide how big it is and how they'd get all the chicks if they had a big one like it 
• Oral isn't going to happen without teeth scraping or gagging happening so getting a good BJ is out of the question 
• Most sex toys aren't designed to handle a large penis 
• When you buy large condoms people give you a look like they figure you probably have a small one and are just trying to pretend it is big. 
• People expect you to be a god in bed just because you have a big penis so it is very difficult to leave give them a positive sexual experience I'm sure there are more things but right now this is all I can think of. 
I know guys who seem to think that if they had a large penis all their problems would be solved and their life would just be perfect. 
It doesn't. It just creates a different set of problems. 
I often wish my penis was smaller.

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