16 mai 2016


I have started swallowing my own ejaculate. 
I started after reading some studies. I will say the benefits have been overwhelming. My skin looks much like when I was on HGH injections. It has an awesome glow and I look radiant. Also I find that my appetite has been stimulated, I have been eating like a 17 year old (still paleo though, increase in fruits and nuts) and have been getting leaner and losing fat. I look jacked and vascular. The results are noticeable after 7days and within a month others will notice your glowing looks. I do this 2x a day. I am male and only drink my own ejaculate.

 Here are ten alleged health benefits of fresh semen: 
 1. Natural anti-depressant. 
2. Natural anxiety reducer. 
3. Improves quality of sleep. 
4. Increases energy. 
5. Improves concentration. 
6. Improves memory. 
7. Improves mental alertness. 
8. Assists with pregnancy maintenance. 
9. Increases female-initiated sexual behavior. 
10. Reduces pain. 
Source : http://allnatural.blobanon.com/benefits-eating-cum-semen-sperm-jizz-etc/

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