18 mai 2016

I have a twin brother and yes, he fucks me and it was wonderful. I love him. I love his big cock and the lots of cum

Oh fuck! It felt wonderful to have my brother's big cock in me! I loved it! A* ... 
- “I fucking love you so much baby bro! You have no idea! I don't care if this is incest! You and I both want it and it doesn't hurt anybody else! I want to fuck you for the rest of my life, as I love you like a lover and a brother and a friend and ... fuck! I love you man!" 
- "I love you too bro! What we have is super special and I'm sure many twins would envy us for what we're having! You're a spectacular lover, and…hummm… your cock is so big. I still love you and I love you fucking me!"

Part 1,2 & 3

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