2 mai 2016


L'"autoblow2" est un vraie avancée par rapport au FLESHJACK. Le FLESHJACK est un masturbateur qui remplace la main, alors que l'autoblow2 est un suceur qui pompera ta bite et te fera juter. Sans les mains !
The Male Suck Machine 
The Autoblow 2 is a machine that sucks you off - the world's first true male suck machine. It's inventor - Brian Sloane - always dreamed of the day when he could just lie back and have his dick sucked whenever he wanted. He decided he could only achieve that dream either through becoming rich enough to afford hookers or through inventing the world's first blowjob machine. After years of effort, thousands of satisfied men walking around with permanent grins on their faces are testament to the fact that Brian Sloane has finally achieved his dream...

AutoBlow 2 
What has two thumbs and loves blowjobs? You, obviously. With the new and improved Autoblow 2+, you'll soon experience the sex toy for men that sets a new standard in realistic solo experiences. Give your arm a rest and allow the Autoblow 2+ to work a load or two out - automatically. The sleeve pops out in a second for easy cleaning. You'll need a water-based lubricant, plus you might want to use a toy cleaner to make sure your sleeves are squeaky clean when you're done. ENJOY! 

I tried this toy, is incredible

vidéo de démonstration

Every bottom’s favorite toy. The AutoBlow2 is a lot of fun. 
Think of it like a fleshlight on steroids. Just put it on your bottom’s cock while you’re fucking him and he’ll enjoy a hands-free solo blowjob at the same time. Oh, and the sleeve comes off for easy clean-up, which is always nice. 
Bottom line: If you master toy play and the physics of the sphincter, you’ll be a much better top. 
- See more at: http://www.thegailygrind.com/2015/07/04/how-to-top-like-a-stud-a-penetrating-guide-to-gay-sex/#sthash.aTPcEXBB.dpuf

Pour en savoir +
: http://www.topblowjobmachines.com/top-5-blowjob-machines.php

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