2 mai 2016

Do twin brothers have the same size penis?

- This question has been bugging me for quite some time now; do identical twins have exactly the same length, girth, shape etc. penises. This would then prove that penis size is genetic and not related to external factors, and that however hard we try we cannot influence the size of our penis. No two people are absolutely identical nor pass through puberty at the same time or rate. 

- However, if you are identical twins (i.e. developed from the
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same egg) then you have exactly the same genes and so you will both develop at a very close rate and are likely to have virtually identical features all over, including penis size. This is not the case for fraternal twins who come from different eggs. Fraternal twins have quite different genes and so look different and develop at different rates. Most brothers, particularly twins, see one another naked frequently and are content to see and be seen by their brother. You should have no difficulty in comparing the size of your penis with his. Although you and he may develop at different rates there is a strong possibility that you will both have very similar sized penises by the time you are fully developed.

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