28 avr. 2016


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What does penis taste like? 
I'm scared about blowjobing my boyfriend before I know what his dick taste like so you girls who have tasted *** what does it taste like 
- I sucked on a penis and I swallowed the semen. I have no problem of doing it. If I am at a friend house and I see him start playing with his penis. Then he call me over and I get down on my knees and I start sucking his penis. Then I started swallowing more semen again.. Then next time I went to his house. He had a gift for me and it was girls panties and he said. For this he want me to start wearing girls panties when I suck his penis. 
- I m a bi guy and I enjoy sucking guys cocks, if they are too clean it taste like soap, if just clean it taste like the lower part for his thumb, not clean, salty sweaty taste and smell musky. Semen taste alittle like sweet/sour taste.

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