17 avr. 2016

It is tradition in Colombia for young men to have sex with donkeys.

« ya...you guys read this right....in colombia, men practice sex with donkeys from the young age of 11, kids practice sex on donkeys to get ready for women.... 
its a short documentary with a funny guy that goes to colombia to see if this myth was true. check it out »
Ivetta Z* said : 
Views I never heard of that before, I am colombian.... from the looks of it, those men in the video look like poor uneducated peasants in the middle of nowhere. sort of like people from deep rural kentucky or arkansas to put a comparison. this is interesting,I had no idea this took place in this country. 

La BO : 

« It's part of their culture. Somewhere in the coast, specially in the valley and some small towns, young boys fuck donkeys Why it happens, dunno. It is like an iniciation sex ritual or some shit like that, and some people like it. It gives coast people bad rep and we get called burro fuckers when we go to some other places inside the country. It's fucked up, but it happens and happens a lot, but this happens on small towns, somewhere in the valley... But anyways, if you want to get hooked up with a blonde blue eyed donkey, pm me or shit, let's see what i can do :emb: » 

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