16 avr. 2016

I love my twin brother

Magnifique ! Ces deux frères jumeaux cubains se chauffent mutuellement et se masturbent ensemble comme une simple branle entre potes, sans aucune pudeur.

I just had gay sex with my twin brother! 
by gourgedoc » Mon Sep 21, 2015
Hello, Okay so ever since about 2 years ago i've wanted to sleep with my brother. I don't know why but one day I just got so attracted to him and wanted him to be attracted to me to. Over the years we had talked about sexual stuff like jacking off and sometimes we would jack off in the same room but with blankets over our dicks and he felt very uncomfortable. When the school holidays came I started getting thoughts about me and him ######6 because our mum would go to work for the day and it would just be me and him. My brother asked me if we wanted to make a pillow fort and I said yes. All these ideas rushed into my head about how we could ###$ each other in it so I asked if we should sleep in it tonight. He said yes. 
So later that night we were bored and got a truth or dare app. On the app there were different ratings and some of them were dirty. He tapped on the first dirty one which was a surprise to me and said a bunch of things like taking each others clothes off. 
Then it automatically flipped to the next dirtiest one and we had to do things like kiss each others chest and things. For some reason doing all this my brother was full on happy to do anything it was amazing. Then after awhile it @!@@@! to the last dirty rating. The dirtiest of them all. The first question was for him. He chose dare. It dared him to make out with me until I got tired. He said '
Well ###$ it' and grabbed me and kissed me. I went hard straight away. It was such a rush to finally have my brother. He started to kiss me neck and it was the most amazing feeling. Then we stopped and he said we should watch porn. As from the previous dares we were completely naked but under blankets so he asked if he wanted to jack off. I said yes. After awhile of watching porn he pulled his covers down and my god his dick was massive! I pulled down my covers when he asked if he we could jack EACH OTHER off and I was just in heaven. Of course I said yes. It was the most amazing feeling he knew how to do it so well. Then he got on top of me and started to suck me off and that was the most amazing feeling of my life. I never expected my brother to be doing this to me out of all people. Then after awhile we decided to end it (as much as i didn't want to) and we jizzed everywhere. 
Now my brother is just acting like nothing happened and I really wanna do it again. What to do I do?!?! 
 P.S. I am not gay but I am a little Bisexual

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  1. Tell you're brother that you are always available for him.