29 mars 2016

I'll take a break for a few days

See you soon ...

En attendant allez fouiller mon blog, y'a des pépites que vous ne verrez pas ailleurs,  ou faites un tour sur THE NEW HORNYBOYS ...., 



"ack in 2012, BELAMIONLINE.COM teased viewers with a video of mysterious model with gigantic cock named Joel Birkin. In that video, they showed 4 Kinky Angels porn stars sucking Joel’s big dick without revealing his identity. Earlier this year, I reported that Joel Birkin along with Kevin Warhol and Gino Mosca were filming Scandal In The Vatican 2 in Rome. And they finally revealed what Joel Birkin looks like as he was one of Bel Ami modelsfeatured in Addicted Swimwear Campaign. Yes, this guy has an underwear model look and great body and he definitely has one of the biggest dicks in porn right now! Now it’s time to watch Joel Birkin and his huge cock in action! The September issue ofKINKYANGELS.COM featured two new videos called “Joel’s Private Show” and “…Gone Wild!” where porn stars Kevin Warhol, Adam Archuleta, Andre Boleyn, and Jack Harrer servicing Joel’s gigantic dick!"

La ressemblance entre Joel et Panayotis est troublante. Et si Pascot avait une double vie ? Question existentielle : Pana est-il aussi bien équipé ?

Joel en mode solo
ICI, Joel prend deux culs en même temps !

27 mars 2016



Amateur twink fills boyfriend ass with cock

My Little Brother Sucking My cock While I sleeping ...

Is it normal that I sucked my brothers friend ?
"A l’époque, j'étais un ado de 13 ans, et avec mes potes ont avait l’habitude de nous réfugier dans un abri de jardin désaffecté. Le local était très exigu, ça puait l'urine, et on se serrait là-dedans à 5 ou plus. On rigolait sur des histoires à la con de meufs, ça nous excitait, et nos jeunes keus bandaient très vite. On finissait par se branler, chacun sa keu, mais on matait celle des autres. On jutait dans nos mains puis on comparait les doses, et après on lèchait nos jus ... ou celui d'un autre...
Et un jour il y a eu une bagarre générale, j’sais plus pourquoi. Les corps se mêlaient, nos mains frayaient sauvagement entre des cuisses et on sentait sous le short les keus se durcir. Il flottait une odeur forte de sexes pas lavés, et ça nous excitait. On cherchait la plus grosse et après on la sortait du short, et elle bavait déjà de mouille. 
Et voilà un gars qui met sa keu dans ma bouche, et j’ai sucé ma première keu, un sexe long et courbé, au goût de pisse, il a juté trop vite. Après coup j’ai réalisé que c’était la keu de mon grand frêre. Le salo ! On a jamais parlé de ça entre nous, mais on a renouvelé souvent ces petites orgies adolescentes, c'était cool. On a jamais testé la sodomie. Et j'ai plus jamais ressucé la bite de mon frêre"… 

My brother tuchs me and jerking while I sleeping

Brothers loads

“I was watching TV with my 14-year-old brother. I was 15. We got to talking about who were the sexiest girls at school. I started getting horny and I did something I had never done before. I said to my brother, "I don't know about you, but talking about these girls gets me like this," and I pulled back my underwear to expose my hard 4 1/2" inch penis. I didn't know how my brother would react but I didn't expect the reaction I got. I hadn't seen much pornography at this point and I had no idea how my cock size compared to others. My brother laughed and said, "Is that all you got? You're a shrimp dick. My cock is at least twice that big." 
Taken aback, I nevertheless figured my brother was full of it, and I said, "Yeah, right." My brother was lying on the couch under an afghan and he pulled back the aghan and his underpants to reveal his dick. I was amazed. He had a huge cock, obviously longer and thicker than mine, that lay on his belly reaching up to nearly his belly button. I said, "Damn! You really are big!" My brother really surprised me when he stated, "Hell, I'm not even hard!" Then he flipped his semi-flaccid cock over so that it lay on top of his balls. I was absolutely dumbfounded. His cock, even in a soft flaccid state, appeared to be longer and thicker than my hard cock. I asked him, "How big is it?" I'm sure my brother knew the size to the exact millimeter but he feigned ignorance: "I'm not sure. Why don't we get out a ruler and measure up?" I agreed, and we proceeded to start measuring. I was super turned-on at this point and my rock hard dick measured, as I knew it would, 4 1/2 inches long and maybe an inch in diameter. My brother's flaccid cock hung down 6 inches (my flaccid cock was barely an inch long)and after he pumped his cock up, it became truly massive: 9 1/2 inches long and a good three inches in diameter. 

His glans or knob of his cock was what amazed me most: large and purple and helmet-shaped, it was truly beautiful. I guess it was that moment that I became a "size queen." I guess my brother noticed my shining eyes glued on his penis, and he asked me, "Do you want to touch it?" I gingerly touched his cock: it was firm and warm to the touch. He told me to pump it, and I did, at first slowly and then harder and harder. His cock grew purple and slick with precum. As he was about to cum, he suddenly pulled his cock free from my hand and stepped over and erupted in my face, with eight or ten powerful spurts. I was absolutely shocked, in more ways than one. I had never seen a person cum so much and with such spurting, geyser-like force, and I had never even heard of anyone cumming in another person's face. [I told you I was pretty naive.] 
 I was grossed out but at the same time very much turned on. I said, "Why did you do that, you sonuva bitch!?" He just grinned and said, "Here, it's your turn now." He pushed me onto my back and began to pump my cock. I was already pretty close to cumming, but then he licked one of his long knobby fingers and inserted it into my asshole. Again, I was totaly shocked but really turned on. 
He began shoving his finger really fast and hard in and out of my asshole and the feeling was indescribable, unlike anything I'd ever experienced before. Within a few moments I was squirting all over myself. It felt great but I was absolutely mortified and guilt-ridden by what had happened. I started apologizing and said to my brother that I didn't want to do that ever again. My brother said, "Shut up, you loved it, you fuckin' bitch." I continued to express my regret and vowed never to do it again. Moreover, my asshole ached and it felt like his finger was still inside me, causing me to wonder if I had done something to permanently harm my rectum. 

 But later, as I lay in bed thinking about what had happened, I couldn't get to sleep and I began to get hard again just thinking about it. I slipped into his room at 2 a.m. and, without saying anything to him, I began to suck his huge cock, another first for me, and suckle his massive golf-ball sized testicles. My brother is nothing if not arrogant, and he said, "I knew you'd be back." I was having difficulty fitting my mouth around his huge knob and I'm sure I was giving a rotten blowjob but my brother quickly solved that problem by grabbing the back of my head and forcing his cock deep into my throat. I was again shocked and amazed and I started to gag for a moment or two but I soon settled down and discovered that I really liked deep-throating him. It was certainly getting me super turned-on. He pulled out his cock and started to beat it off my face like a rubber truncheon, and spewed all over my face again, on purpose. When I protested again, he simply rubbed his cock across my face, sliding cum back onto his cock and said to me, "Shut up and lick it off, you slut," which I did. 
I sucked him dozens of times during the years we were in high school and college, but he never returned the favor. I usually had to jerk myself off afterwards while I sucked on his cock or simply stared at it, although sometimes he would finger-fuck me to orgasm, and deride me afterwards for being "a cunt." He always made it clear that he didn't consider himself gay but merely wanted his cock sucked by whomever, and the gender of the mouth around his cock made no difference to him. Although he wouldn't blow me, the fact was that I was addicted to sucking his cock. Unlike many person who have had gay experiences, I had no interest in sucking off anyone's cock but my brother's. 
After he got a steady girlfriend, he stopped letting me suck him off. And I ended up getting married myself, happily married I might add, but every once in a while I fantasize about the experiences I had with my brother as a teenager.




Et Johnny chanta "Restez vivants"

25 mars 2016

How is Dylan O'BRIEN ?

Dylan O'Brien est à l'hôpital après un grave accident sur le tournage du Labyrinthe 3, Le Remède Mortel ! On pense tous fort à lui.

Bon rétablissement, j'espère revoir Dylan dans des danses aussi sexy que ça !


L'acteur Pierre NINEY âgé de 27 ans, pensionnaire de la Comédie-Française du 16 octobre 2010 au 15 janvier 2015 et Césarisé "meilleur acteur" (pour son rôle dans le film Yves Saint Laurent en 2015), est en ce moment en pleine promo pour son dernier film "Five". 
Et c'est dans Le Petit Journal de ce mercredi 23 mars face à Yann Barthes, que Pierre a répondu à une question qui risque de faire bondir tous ses fans : Yann Barthès : "On vous propose un rôle où vous êtes à poil du début jusqu'à la fin et vous n'avez pas le droit à une doublure pour les plans serrés vous dites quoi ? " Pierre Niney : "Si c'est un grand réalisateur et que j'y crois, oui bien sûr ! "

Quand Pierre dit être prêt à se mettre à poil dans un film, Yann a sorti  ses gants de proctologue, curieux , non ?

La BO :