29 févr. 2016


« Does anyone get turned on by fantasising about being milked with other guys, in simulated cum 'farm' situation. I get so turned on with the idea of getting kept, and milked with a bunch of other naked guys. Similarly, I love to cruise the galleries here and pick out guys who look suitable for milking, and imagine them all in the same barn lining up to have their cocks drained. » 

Re: « You just cant imagine how many times I have fantasized about having myself milked. It is so erotic to have another guy jack you and having to shoot your load with no control over it. I have been in cow milking barns and have been tempted to take a milker and put in on myself. Damn that must be ho »

1 commentaire:

  1. J'ai connu un mec qui adorait se faire traire ...
    comme une grosse vache à 4 pattes , à traitre sa grosse bite sans concessions comme sur la vidéo pour lui traitre son sperme