4 févr. 2016

Josh Henderson is a real jewel of male beauty

Thank you ! Josh you are beautiful !! Xo 
He started out in WB network’s “Popstars” in 2001 with that young boy-next-door look and up until now where he’s already 30, Josh Henderson has maintained that persona as he graces more mature roles like in Desperate Housewives, CSI and a lot more. He sure keeps himself packed up with hotness all the way!
His face is absolutely perfect. Could he be the most beautiful man in the world ?

 Josh's bulge

Josh's Butt
He's got a big fat ass that is very nice.

Josh, an LGBT ally who’s supported Straight But Not Narrow, posted the pic to Instagram, apparently in homage to Dumb and Dumber. 
He writes: My best “Lloyd at the bar” pose in honor of one of my favorite movies of all time #DumdandDumber#cantwaitforthesequel #bubblebutt #JimCarrey#yeahimgoofy

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