25 févr. 2016

How to Receive Anal Sex

Comment passer la frontière du sphincter anal 

How do I take a big penis inside me? 
Question: Hi. I have a boyfriend. We are somewhat together and have feelings for each other deeply. I feel we are on our way to LOVE!!!! We just have one problem: he has a 8.5, thick dick. Giving him orally isn’t a problem. It’s just trying to get penetrated. 
I really am I bottom and love to feel a penis inside me. Our first time getting intimate was my first time in a year having anal sex. I tried lubricating and put anal-ese in my rectum for pain discomfort. I couldn’t take any of it. My boyfriend was cool about it, really, and said we can work on sex. I was happy, but a little disappointed with myself. So, currently while he is away I have been practising lubricating the rectum, while trying (anal-ese) again. I put two fingers in my anus and started penetrating myself. Hopefully trying to get used again to being a bottom and getting penetrated. Didn’t feel that bad! (I had to go to the bathroom a little later, though.) Question is, what else can I do to make it easier? I want it to be pleasurable for both of us. Should I buy a dildo around his size and start penetrating myself to start getting used to it again and preparing myself. Should I repeat this everyday to get used to the feelings? Anything will help!

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  1. Article passionnant, qu'il est mimi ce Timothy...pourrais-tu nous faire un jour un article sur la dilatation de l'anus quand il se fait pénétrer ? tu sais, quand la peau qui entoure le sphincter accompagne le pénis quand il ressort pendant une sodomie (c'est ma passion : le cul ^^) Merci et bises