23 févr. 2016

Amateur Thin Uncut Penis Skin.

WHEN HE WAS A KID: He became addicted to : all day suckers

 Thin and tight foreskin 
My first time sucking a foreskinned dick was when I was all most 13 years old.Me and my friend were out in the woods hunting on his grandparents land.He said he had to take a pee and pulled out his dick and started peeing on a tree.It was the first time I saw his dick,It was a little bit bigger than mine and his dick head was just showing a bit out of his foreskin.He pulled back his skin and out popped a nice shinny dick head.I was standing right beside him and was peeing also.As soon as I saw his uncut dick my dick started to get hard.Instead of peeing down like he was doing my stream was shooting up because of my hard on.Jerry looked over at my dick and said that you have a nice dick,I said you have a nice one too.Jerry said you want to hold my dick as I pee? I did`nt answer I just reached over and took his dick in my hand and held it as his pee was starting to shoot up like mine was.Jerrys` dick was getting hard in my hand.After he was done peeing I still had his dick in my hand and it was as hard as steel but still felt soft and warm.I asked Jerry if he wanted to jack off and he said sure but lets jack each others dick off.We went over to a nice soft grassy area and pulled our pants off and sat down next to each other.It was hard to jack off each other at the same time so Jerry said here let me do you first and then you do me.As Jerry was jacking me dick I was holding his.I was moving his foreskin back and forth over his dickhead.I`v played with a few of my friends dicks before but Jerrys was the one with foreskin.I really like how it looked and how it felt in my hand.Then I wondered how would it feel in my mouth.I was so worked up I asked Jerry if I could suck his dick and he said I was hoping you would ask that.He said go ahead and if you suck me off and take my load in your mouth I will suck you off too.Then Jerry stopped jacking me off and laid down with his dick standing up and nice.I went down and took his dick in my mouth and started sucking on it.It was great feeling his foreskin in my mouth and he tasted so good also.I had my head going up and down on his uncut dick a short time before he said he was going to blow his load.I sucked a little harder and Jerry grabbed my head and started blowing his sweet juice in my mouth.Besides being the first uncut dick I ever sucked but he was the first boy I sucked that I let blow his load in my mouth.His cum tasted a lot like my own and I swollowed all of it.After he was done blowing his load I sat up and asked him how was it?He said you did a grea t job,Then Jerry and I changed and he went down on my hard on and he sucked me for a few minutes before I lat go with my load in his mouth,and he took it all and drank it down.After that day in the woods me and Jarry would suck each other off every time we could get alone.That was back in 1974 and we still to this day get tother and suck each other off.I don`t feel like I am gay but I am in love with his uncut dick

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