23 janv. 2016

Jim Collette & Tommy Evans (Wrestling) By Bob Mizer (Athletic Model Guild)

Bob Mizer at the Athletic Model Guild cataloged all of his physique photographs. By the time he passed away in 1992, he had amassed more than 1,000,000 photos, negatives, films, videotapes, slides and magazines. Much was of beefcake. Others were studio portraits and images he took in his youth at beauty pageants and bodybuilding competitions held on the boardwalks of Southern California beach towns. It became useful to have models hold up signs displaying their names, as Tommy Evans and Jim Collette do in this series. In 1968, Jim died of a drug and alcohol overdose. In AMG’s Physique Pictorialmagazine, Bob often updated its readers on the goings-on of the models. Of Jim’s death, he writes: “We regret to report the passing in June 1968 of Jim Collette. A beautiful boy with just about everything to live for, he seemed from a very early age bent on self

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