17 janv. 2016

Is this normal for guys to have so much precum???

Excessive pre-cum 
"My penis oozes a lot of pre-cum. It happens when I have erotic thoughts, after erection, and before/during/after sex. Sometimes it gets so wet I have to change my underwear. What's wrong with me? It is quite normal for some guys to have a lot of pre cum none of us are the same, some of us have none at all,me included .I knew a guy that was like you and did produce a great deal whenever he was sexually exited. He could not even wear light colored pants (trousers) as it would show an embarrassing wet stain.So don't worry just remember we are all different and you are quite normal and have nothing medically wrong". 

Loads of drippy pre-cum & a dozen or more squirt wads! HOT!

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