8 janv. 2016

Do bigger dicks cum more?

Q : In your experience, the bigger the dick the harder they cum? in terms of semen volume? assuming that both the large and small one haven't cum in a couple of days? 
A : Lol, generally ball size will give that away (says the learned girlie mate beside me, who refuses to fuck me, today at least, everybody arrrrrr for Matt! haha) For instance, I have huge balls, and I can shoot anything from 3 to 4 feet with all three of my first shots 
 - My balls are twice the size of my current BF's and he comes way more than I do. I seem to end up with the supersoakers, don't I? 
- When younger, I jacked off with a lot of friends, some very small and some with very large dicks. It never made any difference what size dicks or balls they had regarding the amount of cum they squirted. I think it depends on how long it has been since you cum last or how sexually excited you are. Either or both will determine how much cum you squirt. I can also tell you that in either case, as you get older, you may not cum with as much volume or with as much force as you did when you were younger. When in my teens and 20s, I have cum as far as 10 or more feet one time after another with huge amounts of cum. How do I know? We had cum shooting contests. I cannot hit that far now no matter how long I wait between sessions nor how horny and excited I am. At best I may get 5 feet now.

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