13 déc. 2015

Rewind: Before Bieber and Jonas, There Was Marky Mark for Calvin Klein

Justin Bieber Vs. Nick Jonas and Mark Wahlberg : Best Calvin Klein Underwear Model?!

Gay marketing 
CK is one of the most famous examples where gays were considered as trend setters: already in 1982 he targeted them with special ads. The brand shot to greater fame in 1992 due to the crotch grabbing Mark Wahlberg (of Funky Bunch fame), a Herb Ritts campaign that ran in Out magazine – and later on billboards around the world, sometimes with the addition of Kate Moss in her panties. They were also in a cheeky commercialtogether. Kate had been a model for four years then, protagonist of the heroine chic trend, but played a minor role in the campaign. Both rose to great fame and are still A-list now, 23 years later. Last year, the crotch grab was mimicked by 22-year-old former Disney star and Jonas Brothers band member Nick – while British TV personality Dan Osbourne chipped in too. “Copying is the highest form of flattery”.

Nick Jonas Strips For 'Flaunt' Magazine 
If you’ve been online at all this morning (October 2), you’ve probably been confronted by friends (and complete strangers) literally crying and shaking over Nick Jonas’ eye-popping Flaunt magazine shoot. We knew it was going to be a raunchy affair from the shirtless, snail trail showcasing cover but the actual pics represent a Miley Cyrus-liketransformation for the (formerly) wholesome pop star.
For starters, the 22-year-old pays homage to Mark Wahlberg’s iconic 1991 Calvin Klein campaign by stripping down to his tighty whities and grabbing his bulge for the camera. Nick even shows off the peach fuzz on his muscular butt in one of the more graphic Yu Tsai-shot images. I’m all for the “Jealous” singer’s semi-nude shoot. The leading ladies of pop have been pulling this kind of publicity stunt for years, it’s about time one of the boys gave it a try! So what’s your favorite pic? 

Nick Jonas - Chains Nick Jonas - Jealous http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x8ty33 

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