14 déc. 2015

My little brother enjoyed sucking my cock

Alex : It was his birthday. We were in the basement, watching porn. And I asked him if he has ever been blown, and he said no. He said he really wanted one and I've always been curious. So I asked him if he wanted one now. He said yes. I got on my knees, put my hand around his cock and started striking him. I sucked his cock til he came in my mouth. I swallowed. (I'm a guy. Lol. I'll be 16 in April. He's 17. He enjoyed it:) but it was kinda weird but good). 

James : I started to suck my brothers c@cks when I was 11. There agest at the time were 13&10. They started to suck mine at the same time. We keep it up till I left for the army. Now I suck c@ck with my wife. So Alex if you both like it don't stop. Why stop something you like to do. Small One : When I was young my brother would shove his down my throat. Now I am much older I wish he never stopped. Finally got my brother drunk enough to relpay the games we played as kids. I took every inch in my mouth and tasted his jizz once again.

Alan : When I was younger I used to give blow jobs to my brother. He was about a year older than me and we were very close. I was about 15 when we started. It was kind of strange after the first time but after a few days things went back to normal. Now it feels comfortable with him when we get drunk we still perform oral sex on eachother. It has never gone further than that. I found it quite enjoyable.

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