6 déc. 2015

GOOD SHOOTERS : How much does your guy cum?

- How much do the guys you've been with cum? And do they 'shoot' cum or not? My bf said he 'shoots' cum like 1-2 feet depending on how turned on he is and that he usually cum's like atleast a tsp. 
 - For the guys I've been with, 6-10 spurts or so seems about average, but from what I've been reading other people seem to think that's a lot. It usually shoots between 6 and 12 inches I would guess. 
 - I thought all guys shoot until I saw some online stuff where it just dribbles out like you say. One time I was giving a hj to a guy and he was able to shoot it all over his chest and neck. That turned me on because I knew that I did what it took to make him orgasm. Ejaculation videos are all over the internet, so you could always check a few out to see what is normal. I really dont know what is normal. 
- A lot would be like 8 fat spurts . I've had guys shoot very far . Like feet . Once I was having sex in a car and the guy pulled out and the cum went over my head on on the window above me . That was hot . - Well I didn't even know shooting cum was normal until I was with my bf! I thought guys usually just dribbled 
- I've had sex with 7 guys and somehow 5 of them (1 of them didnt finish) only dribbled. Bizarre now that I read this post lol. My boyfriend shoots probably 3 or 4 times I'd say? When he cums, his dick is near my vagina but the cum ends up on my neck and all over my chest, **bleep** and stomach. He has a lot of cum when he cums, definitely a lot more than a tsp!


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  1. It always suprises me at how different the amount of Cum different guys shoot. I have one Buddy who just dribbles and another one who could shoot across the room. They both are around the same age. Me? I cum with medium globs of Cum.