16 déc. 2015


yve70 dit : « bonjour jh de 20 ans, je suis gay et je vais bientot m acheter un shetland male et je voudrais savoir quel sont les mesures de securite que je pourrais prendre pour pas qu il me blesse pas pendant l'acte parce que j'avais deja entendu parler qu on pouvais avoir le colon perforer et je dois dire que sa refroidi un peu d'entendre sa, merci de votre cooperation » 

« You must have hold of one of his front legs as you straighten up or he may fall over on his back and be reluctant mount you again. His glans-penis will engorge after he enters you and you will be locked together until he is done. If you let him fall off during this phase you will both experience such *excruciating* pain when the glans pops that it may be years before either of you are willing to try again. So do hold on to that sweet little foot of his. Once he is spent or done, bend forward and let go of the leg. He may want to hang there for a minute or two before he dismounts ».

“…Stallion Horse can speak from firsthand experience on the anal sex side, but at the least I can speak from experience of handling quite a few stallion cocks in my time. 
 To answer your question, it all depends on the horse. The size of a horse's flare varies from baseball-width to as large around as a dinner plate. The former is more common with the minis, and as to the latter I have a draft stallion who is in fact dinner-plate sized. Note that flare size is not perfectly correlated with stallion size. Some smaller stallions have really big flares, and some big boys aren't as huge as one would expect. Also, flare size is not really related to shaft length or width, as far as I've ever seen anyway. At the least, I'd not bet on it. The only way to know for sure the size of a stallion's flare is to watch him ejaculating. What you see when a stallion is "mastrubating" is not necessarily full-sized; some boys don't flare much at all during routine mastrubation. 
Most folks who don't know stallion cocks as well as us experts are truly shocked the first time they see an adult, full-sized stallion flare. For something like a draft horse, it can be truly awesome, almost freakish. My draft boy nearly split my AV in two the first time I ground collected him. I think if I did it often, he'd tear that AV out with his flare in no time at all. 
I do not believe that any human being (outside of a true genetic mutant or 10 foot tall person) could take a draft flare of "average" size anally and not find their lower intestine ruptured in the process. Maybe some woman, somewhere, could take it vaginally without severe internal injuries but I doubt it. On the other size, I'd take a mini anally in a heartbeat if given the chance; it's far less intimating than tying with a Mastiff's 12 inch cock, for example. 

There are very real risks to taking a flare, even if you know how big it is in advance. Stallions thrust and flare at the same time, and unless you know your stuff you could find that the horny boy hammers his cock a full 14 inches deep and then bells out 8 inches across. That's going to send you to emergency, or to an early grave. It's happened to folks here with solid experience and knowledge, so that's a significant warning. In contrast, I know of nobody who has actually gone to hospital from a stud dog - even when an inexperienced person unties from a big boy unexpectedly, it hurts like all hell but internal damage is not likely. Stallion flaring gone wrong is going to put that huge flare up inside you deep, not like a stud dog's knot which is down in the more forgiving sphincter muscle region. 
I've just welcomed a new pony stallion into my family here, and I hope with them that I'll be able to enjoy him banging me and cumming inside. However, the first time I saw him drop and partially flare, I had to laugh when I saw that he's got an abnormally-big flare for his body size. Just my luck, I have a freak pony! Though, in truth, any unnaturally large dog or stallion cock is ALWAYS welcome in my household!” Peace, Fausty

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