19 nov. 2015

Wow ! Dylan O'Brien is incredible looking !

«….Dylan O'Brien has a raw talent that has been seen in actors in a long time. His ability to portray his characters in an earnest, believable way is truly inspiring. To add to this, his comedic ability is truly awe inspiring. He has a way of delivering the sarcastic wit of Stiles Stilinski that we know and love, while also having some of the most heart-breaking lot emotional scenes of anyone on the show. And his talent just grows from there. Anyone that has seen The First Time or The Internship knows exactly what I'm talking about. I am beyond excited to see what Dylan will do in the future.M+8 Dylan O'Brien has so much versatility when it comes to his roles. He puts his all into them and it really comes across at how real these characters are on screen. Not only does he act with his mouth, but he does it with his whole entire body. Though Teen Wolf might not have the best plot line, Dylan O'Brien's acting performance is so spectacular and his character, Stiles, is so well fleshed out, not just from Jeff Davis, but from Dylan himself.M+6 Dylan is such an incredible actor because one minute he can be so serious and then the next his hilarious self. He literally auditioned for Teen Wolf with his youtube which surprisingly landed him the part of Stiles. To play Stiles, he doesn't have to do much because his actual personality is so close Stiles' that he doesn't have to try. And it's not just teen wolf, he was in The Internship, The First Time and he starred in The Maze Runner (which is pretty amazing for someone who has no acting experience). I cannot wait for what the future holds for Dylan's acting career.M+3 Dylan O'Brien is definitely one of those actors who take you on an emotional roller coaster ride. He makes you laugh and cry, but he also makes you fall in love him even more. For a person who never thought about persuing in the acting career, Dylan has this raw talent and he is definitely a talented and natural actor. I can't wait to see where Dylan takes his acting career and I can't wait to see him on the stage with an Oscar in his hand because he's one of many actors who deserves one!M+6 He's amazing at what he does. He has so much talent, I expect great things from him as the years go since I do think people is ready for him. I hope one day he gets an Oscar or any kind of award because he deserves it…»

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