17 nov. 2015

Seriously, everyone loves to flirt with Dylan O'BRIEN. He is adorable and cute !

C'est Tyler POSEY qui aurait dit ça. Lui et Dylan sont plus que des amis, des frères !!!

"Tyler Posey déclare son amour à Dylan O'Brien" ! 
"Tyler Posey et Dylan O'Brien sont BFF à la vie à la mort comme on dit. Les deux acteurs ne cachent pas qu'ils sont super proches et même plus que ça. La preuve, Tyler Posey vient de faire une déclaration d'amour à Dylan O'Brien !" 

"Dylan et moi partageons quelque chose de spécial. On a un respect profond l'un pour l'autre. C'est juste incroyable, c'est vraiment cool ! Il est comme mon propre frère maintenant !" 
En savoir plus sur http://www.fan2.fr/tyler-posey-declare-son-amour-a-dylan-o-brien-a426509.html#LoVWzlgMsBLJ7cA9.99

Dylan O’Brien Admits Seeing Tyler Posey’s Butt Many Times! The ‘Teen Wolf’ Stars Reveal Secrets   
Tyler Posey admits to showing ass to Dylan O'Brien on multiple occasions 

“You know what's funny about this? 
- My straight friends do this to me all the time, because they know I'm gay. They'll flirt with me, and hit on me, and pretend to want to have sex with me. Not sure why these straight guys do it, but I guess it's fun for them. My point is, they do it because they know I'm gay. I'm guessing that's why Tyler does it too. 
- They do it, because they are toying with you and don't have much respect for you. Next time, grab their cock and hold it tight, and say, "If you don't want to fuck me, fuck off". Then see how friendly they are. 
- I'd flirt with him endlessly, too. 
- Seriously, everyone loves to flirt with Dylan. He is adorable and cute! 
- Humans are natural explorers, seeking new experiences, so it's understandable that Tyler is intrigued by the mysteries of Dylan's butt and love hole and is making overtures to tap that. The societal barriers to such things are what drive straight men mad.”

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