8 nov. 2015


"I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH MY DOG ....just like the title says i want to have sex with my dog all my friends do i find that perfectly normal"

- “The knot is great when he tugs at my guts. Sometimes I have to hold him in my belly with my hands. He humps so hard and long and fast and it's hot inside me when he cums. His seman is hotter than a mans and you can tell.” I know what you mean. I love to have him inside me. 

 - “Don't worry about your mom and just let your dog fuck you you'll enjoy it. Let me know if you do it i would love to see some pictures and or videos of it.” You can start by getting your dog to lick you while you are masturbating. Male dogs, neutered or not, will lick your pussy. If he has his nuts and is not neutered he might be more eager. You'll just need to experiment. If you always do it in the same quiet spot (your special place) he will get the idea every time you go there and be ready to take care of you as you take care of him. You might start by jerking him off and seeing his knot and how me shoots cum all over. The Zooboy. 

-  I've had sex quite a number of times with five different male dogs. It's easy to get them to hump you and can often be accomplished the first time you try it with one of them. I started as a teenager. One of the best parts is feeling his knot grow inside of you as he is pumping hard. Then keeping him knotted inside you is the next issue cause he'll want to "dismount" quickly but you want to keep that rock hard cock deep inside you. All the time he is inside you he will be shooting sperm and semen (maybe up to a cup's worth). That is the second best part, know he is shooting his juice into you. It's a great feeling. The Zooboy. 

-  “I definitaly would” I have and it is the most amazing orgasms over and over!!!! Dogs pound you sooo hard while you are cumming and if you're lucky, they will slip their hard knot in you and cum in you over and over!!! The cum is hot and a lot!!! You will so love the most amazing fuck!!! Wet reliving it!!! Have to go cum- mmmmmmm http://www.rawconfessions.com/confession/show/i-want-to-have-sex-with-my-dog#comments-place

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