25 nov. 2015


Do gay guys suck cock better?
“I suck a cock in the same way that I like a guy to suck me. If the cock is uncut, start by gently rolling the foreskin back with my lips, then run the tip of my tongue around the glans and into the slit. Start licking the cock up and down the shaft, then close the lips over the head. Gently suck the top 2" of the cock, then gradually take more and more of the shaft down the throat. I don't usually suck to completion, as I like to finish by fucking my partner.”

Anyone get their dick sucked by another guy before “Three guys have sucked me, one was crap, the other two were good. I suppose they just do what they want done to themselves. Apparently I gave a guy the best blowjob he ever has.... I bet he says that to all the boys :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:” http://www.menonthenet.com/EroticStories/index.cfm?m=article&ArticleRecId=291643 

Basic Tips and Techniques 
Getting started with giving head is really easy and not that hard. If you think of the penis as one big lollipop that is extremely sensitive. Start by licking head of the penis in round circular motions. 
If he is uncut you can pull down the foreskin a bit to get to the head. Open your mouth wide and let the head of the penis enter your mouth, watch your teeth and use lots of tongue action and saliva. 
The basic movement is actually nothing like blowing or sucking. It is the action of your mouth causing friction over the sensitive skin of the penis. While the penis is in your mouth try to lick the underside of his penis paying attention to the underside of the head as this is a very sensitive and erotic part of the penis. 
Make sure that you use lots of saliva to lubricate your mouth. You should try using your hands as well, gently play with his balls, the end of the shaft even his ass, as this will all add to the pleasure. If you are new to gay sex, don't try getting all of his penis down your throat, as you can gag and this can be very uncomfortable. Try breathing through your nose. 
Lick from the head of the penis down to the base of it as well. Use your tongue to gently massage and lick his balls as many guys will go totally over the edge with this. Try bobbing your head backwards and forwards on the he penis letting it slide in and out of your mouth. You can also use your lips to form a tight ring around the penis, but again make sure that your lips or your tongue cover your teeth. 
If he is uncut try getting your tongue between the head and the foreskin

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