15 oct. 2015

My first gay toilet experience

"First time was in college. Was a Friday night in the library, and needless to say it was empty. A guy sat directly across from me, and got my attention by absently squeezing his bulging crotch. I looked around saw there wasn’t anyone near, so I did the same. He smiled, stood and waved his head like follow me. Went into the mens room, and he headed straight for the handicap stall. As soon as I locked the door, he pulled my t shirt off and started licking and sucking my nips, (which drives me nuts), and sticking his hand into my shorts. He sat on the john and gave me one of the best bj’s of my life. We traded places and he pulled that fat boy out and I inhaled it. His loose sack was slapping against my chin as he face f@cked me, finally rewarding me with a big grunt and big load. Ended up back at his apartment, and I took that fat beauty up my a$$ 3 tmes."

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