22 août 2015

I have eaten my own cum since 12 YO

I Enjoy to drink myself 
- The semen doesn't taste as bad if you ejaculate right into your mouth (preferably with your penis in there) and just swallow it. It tastes kinda like seawater but don't focus on the taste. Also, it doesn't taste as good if you ejaculate onto yourself and then try to eat it. 
- I often eat my own cum, I love cum so much that if I can't have someone elses I have my own. Pre cum is much tastier & I'm a really heavy pre cummer, almost within seconds of being hard my cock starts dribbling away, mmm... 
-  Just go for it, lick a bit off your hand first, right after you cum, you don't want it getting too cold. Then if you like the taste try aiming it in your mouth, straight from the cock is best :biggrin1:

16 pulsating !!!

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