23 août 2015

I admit it : I Love my own Precum

I Love My Own Precum 

I love to start by rubbing my big balls. My cock gets real hard and I stroke slowly. Once it is real hard I will stoke it fast until I almost cum, then stop. I do this for hours. I get lots of precum going, rub it all over my cock and lick the juices from my hands. I love precum. I shot my load into my mouth once, but have not swallowed. I want to try though. After hours of this, my wife comes home from work and we have the most incredible sex. She asked me one night what I did to make my cock so thick and hard. I told her what I do and it totally turned her on. 

 “ok id just like to know how many guys eat there precum /cum...i prefer my precum its sweeter and pretty good but i definately hate eating my cum...its salty and disgusting...n e ideas how to make my cum as good and sweet as my precum?” 
“Absolutely love the taste of my precum, but like many others could never bring myself to swallow a load. Decided once to cum in a shot glass and "save" it for later. After about 30 minutes, popped in a porn and got off again. This time, drank the shot glass of cum while I was still hard and hot. Would definately try again, but love to eat as much precum as possible!! Would love to drink a glass of it!!” 
“I don't think most guys hate the taste of their own cum. In fact, I'd say most of us have tried it at some time or another. Personally, I eat mine all the time. The precum is really sweet to the taste, but there's never enough of it. Regular cum is not as tasty, but the erotic sensations derived from eating it makes it highly palatable. As a bisexual male, I love tasting other guys' cum, as everyone has a little different taste.” 
 “I wish we could find out how may guys have used that technique of throwing their legs over their head and shooting in their own mouths. I got that idea on my own years ago during one of my long bate sessions before ever reading about it on forums like this. Afterwards I wondered if I was weird for doing that. Now I realize many men and boys of all sexual preferences have tried it. I bet more than 50% have done this at least one or twice in their lifetime.”

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  1. im a great cocktease. i hold off as long as i can between orgasms. i love to force my cum out erect or not and eat it... when i cum i scoop it up and swallow it before i even think about it. i love my cum and wonder what other mens cum tastes like