13 juil. 2015

Who has masturbated with or for their brother ?

Who has masturbated with or for their brother ? 
 - Here is my story; I was sleeping my bed at night and all of the sudden I felt something moving on my clit and I woke to find my older brother playing with me. He stopped when I woke up. But then the next day he asked me to masturbate for him. I don't know why but I did. We haven't done anything like that since. By the way I was 16 and he was 18. 
- So im 16 and my brother is 13 and we masturbate together on occasion. probably once or twice a month while watching porn. we almost always end up helping eachother but we are both really straight and have girlfriends. if we were to offer while not really into watching porn we would both say no without even thinking but when we get into watching its like our downstairs takes over and just wants help without our own hand. so i have a few questions, is this normal? is this wrong? i feel terrible afterwards, what do i do? why cant i seem to control myself and tell him ill do it alone? and am i secretly gay and dont know it?

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