9 juil. 2015


Pipeline part 1, 2 & 3 by Spirou
Festival de grosses keus

From the press notes: "The dictionary describes pipeline as a pumping machine for conveying liquids. Filmmaker William Higgins proves it on celluloid as only he can. The action flows all the way from beautiful Hawaiian coastlines to remote cabins in California's Big Bear Mountains. By the time the world-famous all-male movie-maker yells "Cut!" the pipeline's emptied of the stuff that makes a William Higgins film. Screen veteran Bobby Madison and handsome (and well-endowed) Ken Colbert team up with first timers for an incredible climax. Restored and re-mastered from a pristine quality 16mm print, the 25th Anniversary Edition of Pipeline stars horsehung Chad Johnson, and the rest of the cast is comprised of a bevy of beauties from the 1980's. If hunky, hung outdoor types are your thing, you will eat this one up."

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