6 juil. 2015

I fucked my little brother when he is sleeping

Watch My Throbbing and Giant Cock Explode With Cum

I had gay sex with my brother. 
“When I was 15 or so and my brother was 17, I would sneak into his room, lay down on his bed, and we would turn on porn. I did not know much about sex. He would strip all the way down, and he would strip me down. I realized the feeling of a boner, and I looked over, and his was like 7 inches long. He grabbed my hand, and started to jack him off. His cock was so warm, and then I started to use both hands. Then he started to jizz everywhere, it was a volcano of warm cream. He then grabbed my head, and shoved his huge cock down my throat. Most of the jizz was still running out of his head. He then started to move my head up and down it, and I continued this motion. He then jizzed right down my throat! The warm cum, slowly oozing down. He lifted me up, and sat me down right right behind his cock, like where our penises were rubbing against eachother. He sat up, and gave me the best blowjob I will ever have for a long time. When he finished, my cock was warm, and sticky. While he still had a huge boner, he lifted me up, and sat me down on his cock! I felt a shooting pain go in my ass. I looked at my ass, and his cock was inside me! He then stood up, holding me up on his cock, and started to ram my tight ass as hard and as fast as he could! I was moaning, and the faster he went, the closer I got to him. Then when the finale came, he jizzed so much, I felt it shoot up so fast, he made me a twinkie on a stick. I hugged him, and we started making out, and we started to French kiss. We did this a couple more times, and now, we act like nothing happened. I have no idea why we stopped”

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