2 juil. 2015

Getting fucked feels incredible

Part 1 & 2

1. Attraction 
It’s only natural for a man to want to penetrate something he finds attractive. Give your top a plump, juicy ass and tight body he wants to bury himself inside. Remember, tops have options. Make yourself a good one. 
2. Submission 
Real tops don’t ask. If he wants something, give it to him. You want to make him feel like the hottest stud you’ve ever met. 
3. Reaction 
Getting fucked feels incredible.Let him know his dick gives you uncontrollable pleasure. That feedback is a large part of what makes being a top so appealing. Sex is always about power; show him the power he has over you when he’s inside you. 
4. Selflessness 
It will take some training, but learn to stop jerking yourself while getting fucked. Being a bottom means giving up that part of yourself, and making a man your top requires getting inside his head. If you can stay hands-free and cum from getting fucked, it’s the ultimate ‘great job!’ to a top. 
5. Breeding 
This is the most primal act a bottom can perform for his top. Taking his load shows you trust your top and love being reminded of his power long after he pumps his cum inside you. 
6. Possession 
You give him everything he wants, make him feel like a king, and carry his load inside you proudly. He’s your top, and he now owns your ass.

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