7 juin 2015

Caught my brother sucking his own dick

A week ago I caught my older brother sucking his own dick. I really thought it was hot and I want to see him do it again. When he was sucking it all this white milky stuff shot out and he let it shoot into his own mouth.Some of it hit his face but alot of it went right into his mouth ..It was so hot!!!! 
- so does he know about this? i would b careful regarding this matter actually. 
- Yea he saw me, I walked in on him doing it..well I watched first then walked in on him. but he has not said a thing all week. 
- so what was his reaction? did he stop or try to cover up?
how old is he? 
- He could not stop cause I did not let him know I was watching untill he stopped shooting his cum. He is 15. But I still want to see him do it more! I cant stop thinking about it LOL.

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