2 mai 2015

Can a guy get knotted by dog ?

Can a guy get knotted by dog : 
« Can you get anal orgasm from knotting with dogs? In my experience taking other guys, when they were banging me strong and fast in some positions, if I felt dominated and very excited, I would lose my erection completely at some point during the penetration, and shortly after I would start getting slow waves of orgasm growing inside my anus which would drive me insane in just a few minutes. My cock was not involved it seems, as I didn't ejaculate either. Did you ever have a similar experience being penetrated by your k9 mate? If so, how often? That was the best sex I ever had, but I got there rarely, I think because it has to do with feeling dominated, and fucked really hard and fast for a while, which not many men can do. » 
-« I, at first, when knotting with dog thought that I was excited and ejaculating but really was prostrate being massaged to "milk" seamen out. After awhile started small orgasms in my anus as I could feel him ejaculate while knotted but was not from my ejaculation but the colon getting excited. »

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