17 avr. 2015

The holy grail of the male G-spot

Some cynical folk will say the male g-spot is a lost Atlantis which never existed in the first place. But there’s no doubt that there are parts inside the anus which respond well to self-stimulation. For more open-minded and less squeamish guys, one of the best ways to masturbate is
to include the anus. For others it’s strictly a one-way street. If you’re willing to explore here though, then you could be in for an orgasm-increasing treat. Here are some ideas for you: Don’t forget to wash before you start. Check that your chosen nail (yes – one finger will do) is short and not sharp. File it down if necessary. Add plenty of lubricant on your finger (proper lubricant is better so you don’t accidentally stick something in there which can burn) Rub around the outside of your anus to begin with. Gently insert a finger as far as is comfortable. You can then just keep the finger inside while you masturbate with your other hand as normal, or move it gently in and out. Whatever works for you. The G-Spot is a small area a couple of inches inside. It should feel like a little ball just over an inch in diameter. This is actually the outside of the prostate. You can softly rub this spot if you manage to find it, and if it’s pleasurable. Stimulating the G-Spot is known in the tantric sex world as a prostate massage, and is an effective way of enhancing orgasm. The key though with all these ideas is to be gentle and soft

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