24 avr. 2015

Guys do u like your nipples sucked ?

"It seems to drive my guys wild but sometimes i can get a little too kinky and cause pain but the pleasure type pain My guy and I were about to have sex so i gave him some 4 play i bit his nipple kinda hard and he was like Ouch girl lol He put it on me twice that night and it was our 1st time being intimate with each other. I look really innocent but i'm a freak behind closed doors so I hope i didn't scare him lol btw the sex was the best i ever had and it was from a guy that's my height 5'6 slim lil thang but his dic was a great size surprised the hell out of me he's 21 and i'm 23 Do u think sucking a guys nipples is a turn on an older guy i used to talk to liked it so i tried it on my young guy and he was lovin it We were drunk though lol"

Guys, why do you like sucking on nipples? 
- I know men love breasts, but what is it about sucking on nipples like a baby that you love so much? What do you get out of it? I mean it feels great for a woman but for a guy does it remind you of breast-feeding? Is that why you do it? 
 - All the men I've been with always wanted to suck on my nipples and their mouths rarely ever left them! LOL 
 - Yes they love sucking nipples perhaps it's that instinct when they were young. It reminds them of being comforted and warm 
 - I love all part of the female body, and the ones that arouse you even more.

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