1 mars 2015


IT'S A DELICIOUS FANTASY that i would live in the reality !!! it's a natural pulsion for a male to pump out his sperm daily, and THE MILKING TECHNIQUE i thinK is daily, and THE MILKING TECHNIQUE i think IS THE BEST WAY TO REDUCE SEXUAL TENSION, IT'S A SEXUAL ENJOYMENT!!!! Ideally the milking must be done gently and slowly to allow the guy to go slow slow to the point of no return and orgasm,to allow him have the time to full his balls and then shoot his load until he is totally drained and empted!!! 

MILKING MUST BE DONE DAILY AND OFTEN, also because it prevents cancer of prostate and when you have done you feel a rush of adrenaline due to the orgasm and you feel in paradise,i live near a farm where there are some cows and i had many times this fantasy about be milked by another male guy and then i milk him!!!! : wave :

The perfect position for milking bulls.  

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  1. Dans la vidéo ce beau blond à l'air de bien se faire traire