22 févr. 2015

One of the Best Gays Kamasutra / Deepthroat

J'aime la bite.  Mais je suis un sale pervers. J'avale la bite jusqu'aux couilles en position couchée sur le dos, la tête en arrière, et mon cher et tendre R* se place devant ma bouche pour une pipe profOOOOnde. Et là, c'est divin, j'ai une vue imprenable *** sur la zone la plus secrète des mecs : les couilles et l'entre-jambe et sur l'anus si j'ouvre un peu les fesses avec mes mains. Voir la VIDEO, mais ici le mec a une teub hors norme, ce qui rend la GP imprudente ... : 

The meaty throat-swab will do the job thoroughly http://fhg.gayskamasutra.com/tube/lm01_throat_swab/lohan_michel.flv
This position will clear the giving partner’s throat all right! All the fans of deep oral rejoice, it’s your lucky chance to get all the length of your meaty pole disappear down the back of your lover’s throat almost tickling his tonsils. So the giving guy has to lie down face up letting his head hang off the edge of the furniture in use while the receiving partner hovers above his head and shoves his shaft into the mouth up to the hilt. Be careful, however, don’t push too hard, so you won’t cut off the giving guy’s breathing. Now, start cleaning the pipes.

D'autres situations que j'affectionne : 

Oral Sex: Deep Throating So let’s get now our hand on the Oral Sex part. And let’s start with an easy guid on one of the best options of Oral Sex: Deep Throating. Here there are some hints you can try to learn how toi deep throat, something you will then be able to replicate in all the different oral sex positions we will explore. 
First of all: positioning. 
In order to practice this, get in a position where you can turn your head in such a way that your mouth and throat lie almost in a straight line. The best position to accomplish this is to lie on a bed so that your head is near the edge with your body sprawled across the bed so that your head is tipped sharply back. This position will put your mouth and throat nearly in a line and will allow your partner to approach you in such a way that insertion of his penis can be made so deeply that his pubic hair presses against your lips. The natural tendency of the body is to gag when a foreign object such as a deeply thrusting penis is being forced down your throat. You can overcome this tendency by completely relaxing your throat at the moment the insertion is made. It is equally important that you maintain this relaxation during the entire deep throating. 
The Insertion 
Let him put his penis down your throat and hold it still while you find the most comfortable way to proceed. Because of your position you will not be able to move or to offer him any greater stimulation than simply keeping your mouth tightly closed around his throbbing penis. If you are able try, to stimulate his underbelly with your tongue. You will only be able to relax and take his penis in this way if you completely trust your partner. Your partner is in full control. He must initiate and maintain all the motion. This is the only exercise in which you relinquish your control of the situation to your partner. He will relish this for the simple fact that for the first time he can insert his penis as deeply down your throat as he wants to. Now your partner begins an in and out movement that is just like fucking. He should start slowly, especially if this is a completely new experience for the two of you. After all, if he hurts you he cuts himself off from one of the great pleasures in life. His only other requirement during this exercise is to keep the motion in the same direction throughout this oral exercise, as there is simply no leeway for him to vary the motion from side to side. 
The Orgasm 
Don’t let your partner get carried away at the moment he starts to cum. At that spectacular moment he will be able for the first time to thrust his penis all the way inside your oral cavity and that is the most important lesson of this exercise! His only other requirement during the exercise is to keep the motion in the same direction against your lips as he cums. Because of your position in bed you will not be faced with the problem of swallowing his cum. The reason is because he has gotten his penis BEYOND your gag reflex! Without a condom his cum will shoot directly into your stomach! If both you and your partner understand what it is that you are trying to do, as well as the possible problems that may “cum” up along the way, no harm or discomfort will happen to either of you. 
 “Deep throating” 
After the exercise in this position, you can try other positions for deep-throating. You must allow your throat to relax completely while your partner is thrusting his penis this deeply down your throat. To do this long enough for your partner to completely get it off is very difficult and may require lots of practice. It may be that you will be able to take your partner completely down your throat, but you will not be able to maintain proper relaxation of your throat forever. Make sure you communicate this to your partner. And try also to learn what is the position you enjoy more. Some people never get to relax their throat completely, thus making it impossible to deep-throat. If this is your case, just speak to your partner and explain him your limit. oral sex can be fun also without deep-throating!

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