15 févr. 2015


Bareback fucking until cum inside asshole 
Gay love ass hole fucking without condom and felching sperm to the ass

- You may feel a pulse at the base of his dick with each squirt of cum but that tends to only happen with the big dick and tight arsehole situation. As for the cum itself it seems to depend on the lube you use and the amount of guys that you are fucking. I have found that a single load tends to get lost amongst the lube unless you use a very light type of lube like silicone or even just spit if you can manage it that way. multiple loads will make you sloppy quite quickly so if that the way you want to be you need two or three guys and quite a bit of endurance. The physical sensation of the load hitting your insides is also interesting as the deeper you go in your arse the less nerve endings you get so ideally you should get him to pull out until just the head is in. One of my favorite sensations is after being spit fucked by a few guys the loads come out and run down my thigh. This drives me wild. Whatever you decide I wish you luck. 
 - I have been with my man for over eight years and still feel his cock pulse in me as much today as when we first started dating. even when we play with others, I can always feel the pulse, can't actually 'feel' the cum but you know it's being delivered..DEEP. 
 - I enjoy having a penis in me as often as I can get with my friend. He enjoys my tight smooth body and we have anal sex for hours with multiple climaxes, I also climax when he does too. I enjoy all positions as is shorter than me , I enjoy riding his penis, then take it doggie style, then on my back my legs on his shoulders. I enjoy without a condoms because I like the wet feeling of his cum inside of me. It's a real hot feeling when I am dripping in his cum. The larger the penis the better it feels too. 
 - I have had anal sex with three other men, all married. I agee anal sex, when done right feels very good. I am one of the lucky men men who achieves an organism over and over. I actually cum when being penatrated by a dick or toy. I like to bottom. Just feel so good on all fours. I have one friend, he gives me a full body massage. After he mounts me and proceeds to have his way with me. Needless to say, can't get enough, but I must control my emotions, it's too risky. Thus, only have one friend who I can be with on occassion. I know that I am bisexual. 
- When I have anal sex with my friend, we do it doggie style and I am always the bottom. He has about 7 inches, and when he fucks me I like feel of his huge balls bouncing back and forth against my butt cheeks. But that is just a bonus, because moments after he pushes it in, I feel like I am at the peak of a fantastic climax, and the feeling doesn't stop. I can't get enough of it! We also do it with me sitting on top of him, and we do it that way I shoot all over his tummy with no other stimulation than just having him in me. I like that position because I can see on his face how much pleasure I am giving him, and it really makes me feel naughty!

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