13 févr. 2015

Guys ever suck two dicks at once?

Ever had 2 Cocks in your mouth at the same time ? 
- When I was in the Army, there was a gloryhole in one of the restrooms in the PX (post exchange). I sat in that toilet stall one day and honestly it was as if guys were lined up waiting to get sucked off. I think I sucked around ten cocks in a couple of hours. 
 - Yes many a time I have sucked more than one cock as a teen I sucked off 8 of my friends swallowed all of thier cum I was in heaven 
 - Not at once. But in the same night? Yes. About 3-4 different times. Loved it! 
 - I would love to suck two or more cocks at once. Tasting and feeling the difference of each cock as I slowly nurse on their heads keeping them on edge for as long as I can sampling their pre cum. 
 - I sucked 3 guys off while I was in the service. Loved having all that cock on my knees cocks in and out of my mouth. When that started to cum feeling all that hot cum on my face and in my mouth they were young and had huge loads of cum it tasted so good. I'd love to service 3-4 guys anyone willing.

How Many Cocks Have You Sucked?

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